Lunar Eclipse

The Perfect Ending

With the splendor of last night’s full moon and this early morning’s momentous total lunar eclipse (“Blood Moon”), I ended my Atta Sila (Eight Precepts) practice.

Observing the gradual disappearance of the moon and its ruddy, earthen cast at the height of the eclipse was truly remarkable.  More remarkable was the fact that I could no longer see the moon at all after it descended behind the grove of trees in the back yard.

I understood in the moments afterwards that my process was over.  This understanding arose just in that moment.  Originally I had planned to end as part of the Kathina Ceremony at the Temple, but the realization came very strongly and clearly this morning. So it was time to end.

What’s different?  Nothing significant.  I wore a white blouse today like most every other day during this period…but with black jacket and orange pants.  I even wore my little Fabergé egg necklace.  It seemed like the perfect day to bring a cosmic egg along.  Also, on the way home from my meeting in Indianapolis, I played Dirty Projectors and ZapMama.  Really loud. And sang really loudly, too, out of practice and out of tune, with the windows open wide.